Welcome to playing against Acquacchi!
This is a simple chess interface, where you have unlimited time and Acquacchi has around 3 seconds per move. To make Acquacchi run in your browser, it had to lose some features. If you want to play against the full strength version or play against Acquacchi using any sort of time control, challenge Acquacchi on lichess (if no one challenges Acquacchi for a while, the server automatically shuts down to save costs). To send a challenge, you have to be logged in. Also, Acquacchi will only accept "Standard" and "From Position" variants with "Real time" time control. If the bot is not running, just email me (email on homepage) and I will restart the server!
Good luck!


If every chess game ended after 3 moves, there would still be 121 million possible games. Because of this, a chess engine has to be very careful with which positions it analyzes and it has to analyze every position quickly. On my laptop, which has very bad computing power, Acquacchi searches over 1.5 million positions per second.
It does this through a simple Mini-max search and a lot of optimisations, such as alpha-beta pruning, null move pruning, bit-board representations, killer heuristic, and history heuristic. Acquacchi also uses a transposition table, quiescence search, and iterative deepening.
The source code (which can be compiled and run on your computer) can be found on the github.


Quarantine (also wanted to learn C).